Product Description


replacement battery for TMSL-53CR Barcode scanner

Replacement Battery

USB charging station for TMSL-53 Battery

1-slot Battery Chargestation

large battery charge base for TMSL-53CR battery

4-slots Battery Chargestation


for TMSL-53CR Barcode Scanner

USB Charging Station

Only for TMSL-53 Battery

Battery Charging Base

Only for TMSL-53 Battery


Replace the battery in seconds without tools

USB-C Charge cable

Battery is not included. Connect the chargestation to your PC or any USB adapter

AC adapter included

It charges four TMSL-53CR batteries one time.

scan driver's license barcode

Strong decoding ability

The scanner can output the driver license data into one single line by factory default setting. You can program it to output name and birth date only.

vibration alert

Bluetooth 5.0 technolgy

This TMSL-53CR scanner uses latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and it has Vibration functionfor successful detection and better scanning performance.

long transfer range

Longer data transfer range

It can work with Apple iOS, Android, Window PC or tablets. With the USB cradle, the signal range can up to 250 meters maximum in open space.

industrial design

Durable design

The scanner withstands several drops up 5ft to the concrete.

3 bluetooth profiles

3 Bluetooth Profiles

You can select the bluetooth profile mode accroding to your software requirement. Default setting is HID mode, the data is uploaded to the notepad.

advanced data formatting

Advanced Data Formatting

The scanner can be programmed to add or remove digits, characters or command key for one symobology, while other symbologies remain no change.

large capacity battery

Large Capacity Battery

Built-in 2600mAh Rechargeable Battery, it can work 24 hours continuously after full charge. (one scan per second).

scan special barcodes

Support Some Special Codes

The above symbology might need programmed to output correct result. If your barcode is 1D long linear type over 4inches, you can consider our TMCT-10.

replaceable battery
carry the scanner around

The lanyard is not included in the package.

USB-C fast charging
onscreen keyboard

Double click the trigger to hide or pop out the onscreen keyboard of your smart device.

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