T22N-AU case packed

Product Description

Scan your 1D and 2D barcodes on paper and monitor screen

2D USB wired barcode scanner with hands-free intellistand handheld scanning

With the Intelligent stand, the scanner switches to hands-free mode automatically.

This T22N-AU is a Handheld Automatic USB wired 2D QR barcode scanner, Plug and Play, Easy to use.

Features of this T22N-AU:

-The scanner will be on Presentation mode when it is in the stand and be in Trigger mode when it is out of the stand

-Our T22N-AU supports Datamatrix perfectly by default, no need to do any setting. It supports rectangle Datamatrix and IMB barcodes (Intelligent Mail Barcode) and data formatting function

-Our T22N-AU supports Mac and Android tablet with USB port perfectly, no software required, Plug and play, very easy to use.

-You can set Automatic scanning mode, scan your inventory barcodes without pressing the trigger of the scanner

-This scanner supports reverse 1D or 2D barcodes, driver license barcode.


-Scan pattern: 2D area image (640x48 pixel array)

-Scan angle: Horizontal 55°, vertical37.5°

-Scan Technology: CMOS

-Dimensions(LxWxH): 4.2x2.7x7.1inch

-Weight: 0.29lb

-Support 1D: UPC/EAN, UPC/EAN with supplementals, Bookland EAN, ISSN, UCC Coupon Extended Code, Code128, GS1-128, ISBT 128, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Trioptic Code 39, Code 32, Code 93, Code11, Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Codabar, MSI, Chinese 2 of 5, GS1 DataBar variants, Korean 3 of 5, ISBT Concat

-Support 2D: PDF417, MicroPDF417, Data Matrix, Maxicode, QR Code, MicroQR, Aztec, Hanxin etc.

hands free scanning omnidirectional automatic scan without carrying products

2d usb wired barcode scanner support Mac PC

stable plastic stand with large foot securely

Hands-free Automatic Scanning


  • Handsfree: Put the scanner on the stand, the scanner will automatically switch to presentation mode; once you grab it out of the stand, it will switch back to normal trigger mode.
  • Omni-directional Scan: Scan your barcodes at any direction, no need to orient the scanner in one single direction.


USB Wired Plug and Play

This scanner is USB wired, plug and play. After you plug the scanner into the usb port of your PC, please kindly open an excel, notepad or your editable software, place the cursor in, then you can start to scan.

No Driver needed for USB HID mode, plug and play.

If you want to obtain data from COM port, please kindly contact TEEMI for the driver and configuration code.

Auto Switch between Handheld and Handsfree Mode

With this intelligent stand, the scanner will automatically switch to Hands-free Presentation mode when it is in the stand and be in Trigger mode when it is out of the stand.

Adjustable head and height flexible installation

durable design survive anti-shock construction

perfect for warehouse shop hospital library book store

Intelligent Stand

It is Designed Not Only with an Adjustable Stand Which is Convenienct for Automatically Scanning Barcodes, But with a Comfortable Handle for Manually Use.

Sturdy Anti-Shock Design

The scanner withstands repeated 6ft. (1.8m) drops to concrete floor. It is very durable.

Move your barcode beyond 1D code

Our T22N-AU 2D barcode imager scanner features reading 2D and screen barcodes well.

Some barcode type may be disabled by factory default setting, please kindly enable it before scan.

support 30 Languages

data format driver license

usb hide mode pos mode virtual serial mode

Support Multiple Languages

Scan the appropriate country code to program the keyboard layout for your country or language. As a general rule, the following charracters are supported, but need special care for countries other than the United States:


Our scanner supports the keyboard countries as follows:

United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Finland, Turkey, Italy, Norway, Albania, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Croatia, Czech, Dutch, Estonia, Germany, Greek, Hungary, Irish, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Japan.

Allow Data Formatting


  • A prefix or suffix can be added or cleared from one symbology or all symbologies
  • You can string together several entries for several symbologies at one time
  • You can add, remove or replace characters or digits in different positions
  • You can phrase or take part of the reading result.


3 Interface Modes


  • USB HID Mode:No driver and no special software needed.
  • USB Virtual Serial Mode: The scanner needs to work with driver and serial software. USB Virtual COM Port Mode works on Window, Linux and Mac.
  • USB HID POS Mode: The scanner uploads data to POS tools.


If the scanner works under the last two modes, it will not upload data to notepad or word.

handsfree intellistand symbol ls2208 2d barcode scanner

The magnetic presentation mode is active by factory default setting without scanning any configuration code. When the scanner sits in the intelligent stand, it works under handsfree mode automatically. The Intelligent Stand increases application flexibility by providing a hands-free option.

wide applications for retail and healthcare
1d 2d wireless barcode scanner bluetooth cordless 1d 2d usb wired presentation barcode scanner 1D Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner cordless usb wired 1d 2d qr barcode scanner 2D Bluetooth barcode scanner handheld pocket size with lanyard wrist strap
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth 5.0 USB wired Bluetooth 3.0 + USB wired USB wired Bluetooth 5.0
Decoding Rate 120 Frame per second 120 Frame per second 200 times/s 60 Frame per second 60 Frame per second
1D or 2D scanner 1D&2D 1D&2D 1D 1D&2D 1D&2D
Scanning Technology 2D CMOS Imager 2D CMOS Imager Laser 2D CMOS Imager 2D CMOS Imager
Transfer distance Max 328ft 2ft wired Max 196ft 2ft wired Max 328ft
Handfree mode
Wearable No No No No

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