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TEEMI Barcode Scanners

TEEMI TMSL-74 1D 2D Presentation Barcode Scanner USB Wired Plug and Play QR Area Imager, Largest Field of View Omni-Directional Handsfree Scanning for Retail, Inventory Management, Kiosk

TEEMI TMSL-74 1D 2D Presentation Barcode Scanner USB Wired Plug and Play QR Area Imager, Largest Field of View Omni-Directional Handsfree Scanning for Retail, Inventory Management, Kiosk

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  • Superior Scanning Ability: Fast and Easily capture 1D and 2D bar codes displayed on mobile devices or printed on paper labels — even if they are damaged, poorly printed or dirty.
  • Large Scanning Window: with 4.9inch*3.3inch large window, Fast scan ability and Omni-directional scanning capability allows cashier to scan all barcodes on any direction and first pass.
  • Enhanced Motion tolerance Technology: the scanner can read moving barcodes and fits well in high-volume retail checkout environments such as convenience, drug, specialty, liquor and grocery stores.
  • Power through a single USB port: Plug and play, no driver is needed, works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS systems and ordinary POS devices.
  • Configurable and High-class Design: You can easily add prefix, suffix, remove part of scanning data, add F1 to F12 command key, enter or tab before or after your barcode data.
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Product Description

2D BARCODE SCAN for moving barcodes exceptional motion tolerance
fast reading 1d 2d codes scan screen codes without backlight


  • Omni-Directional Scanning, Virtually all 1D and 2D Symbologies
  • Rapid Scanning, 120 Frames Per Second
  • Large Field of View, 4.92*3.3inch
  • Ideal for Fast Paced Retail and Pharmacies
  • notable maximum motion tolerance of 6 m/s [236 in/s]

Scan virtually any barcode, in any condition, on any medium

Strong Readabiltiy


  • Read screen codes without screen backlight


This scanner reads screen codes fast no matter how brightness or darkness your customer's screen is.


  • Extended read range


Based on a 1 Mpx global shutter sensor, it can read Code 39 5 mils at 0,6 m [23.6 in] distance and provides an increased read range by 40% compared to its predecessor.

Read moving barcodes

With notable maximum motion tolerance of 6 m/s [236 in/s], it can read moving barcodes, enabling increased scanning speed and productivity.

This scanner can be used in lots of industries like retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, eduction and libraries, government, shipping & logistics, manufacturing, salon & spa.

wake and sleep mode automatic scanning

USB Wired plug and play

support usb virtual com port serial software access

Wake and Sleep Feature

If there is no barcodes in front in 3 seconds, the scanner will go dim without disturbing customers or cashiers.

To wake the scanner up, move an object in front of its window or press the button atop the unit.

USB HID Mode-Default mode

This scanner is with RJ45 to usb interface, works as HID device which makes the scanner appear as a keyboard to your PC. This is the default mode.

This allows you to scan barcodes into applications such as notepad, excel, word. When you scan a barcode in this mode, the decoded data from the scanner gets inserted at your insertion point as if you typed the data using your keyboard.

USB Virtual COM Mode

This mode can be used for the software developers.


  1. Download and install the virtual com driver
  2. Scan the "Virtual COM Port" barcode
  3. Check the success of installation of virtual serial port by starting from the left-down corner of Windows OS "Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Hardware-Device Manager, find out the COM number of the scanner is plugged into
  4. Using serial port debug software, e.g. AccessPort, to test data transmission of USB virtual COM. The none-ASCII code can be decoded under this mode.


configurable add prefix suffix Ean UPC Adds-on code

medical 1D 2D Barcodes

large field of view fast scanning



  • Adjust the scanning sound
  • Phrase the scanned data
  • Enable or disable the symbology
  • Allow to add custom prefixes/ suffixes or delete characters
  • Add keyboard keys/ combinations (terminator TAB, CR, F1 to F12 etc.) to the scanning operation


Identify poor-performing barcodes

This TMSL-74 can instantly capture dense, poorly printed, damaged, crinkled, faded, distorted, low-contrast, and glossy printed barcodes, as well as electronic barcodes on dimly lit mobile phone displays.

For DPM codes, please kindly go for DPM scanners.

Large Field of View

Wide field-of-view, omni-dictional scanning capability facilitate cashiers to scan all barcodes on first pass, ensure maximum productivity and throughput.

work in many industries bookstore library logistics warehouse gym spa pharmacy